IBS is an international investigative company that was founded in 2006 by Donna Maxwell, a former Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Internal Revenue Service. We provide a range of investigative services such as due diligence, asset searches, civil and criminal litigation for financial institutions, real estate firms, fortune 500 companies, and other investigative companies. We offer our services in the Southeastern United States, Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

As president of IBS, Donna conducts daily general investigative assignments and routinely offers her many years of experience, knowledge and training in law enforcement and investigations to clients. In this capacity she conducts complex white collar and civil litigation investigations, both domestically and abroad. Her unique background in law enforcement and risk management allows her to partner with and truly bring value to clients.

Donna has 34 years experience as an owner/officer of an overseas International Investigative Company, Security Consultant in Private Enterprise and as a Special Agent with the FBI and IRS. Her expertise includes Due Diligence investigations, background investigations, fraud investigations, white collar crime investigations, theft investigations, asset searches, executive protection, and civil and criminal litigation investigations. She was also was the corporate owner/officer of an international investigative company located in Nassau, Bahamas for 8 years. She was responsible for conducting corporate investigations for American and Foreign companies including law firms, banks, financial institutions , fortune 500 companies, investigative companies, accounting firms, and trust companies, etc. Investigations included Due Diligence, backgrounds, asset searches, corporate fraud, civil and criminal litigation, executive protection, and other special requests.

Donna also conducted financial investigations for Business Risk International/Pinkerton Investigation Services in Atlanta, Georgia. The investigations included white collar crime, illegal drugs, embezzlement, product diversions, product counterfeiting, patent infringement, computer fraud, Due Diligence asset searches, and background investigations. She coordinated with the FBI, IRS and local law enforcement agencies in conducting internal and external theft investigations. She also conducted investigations involving workers compensation and insurance fraud.

Donna was also a Special Agent in the Criminal Division of Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in Atlanta, Georgia. She conducted financial investigations of individuals and corporations to prove tax evasion violations, white collar crime violations, and money laundering violations. She was also a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Albany, New York and Washington D.C. As an agent, she conducted investigations involving white collar crimes, organized crime, and foreign counterintelligence. She conducted undercover operations and court approved Title III wiretaps. She also conducted background investigations for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.