Investigative due diligence is an important service for organizations and investors concerned about the unknown aspects of a potential acquisition, investment or business relationship. Whether an organization or investor is involved, our professionals verify the information we receive pursuant to an investigation, and evaluate that information for accuracy as well as to identify errors or misrepresentations. Working with our clients, we employ a variety of techniques that include communicating with third parties and conducting interviews.

Our skilled professionals have significant experience conducting corporate and private investigations, and draw upon former backgrounds in federal law enforcement to effectively conduct field interviews and discussions with appropriate individuals. We obtain and review public information and databases for property ownership, investments, and other information in order to conduct due diligence investigations on a subject.

Investigative Business Solutions is able to utilize its resources wherever needed. Due diligence investigations include civil litigation, judgments, bankruptcy, criminal history, financial history. Verification of personal identifiers, employment verification, education verification, reputation, and media through public record searches and source inquiries and interviews. Due diligence investigations also include asset searches.